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Inspirational Website Design for the Automotive Sector


"Inspirational Website Design
for the
Automotive Sector"

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Cross-Platform Designs for the 21st Century

No matter what your browser of choice is, your new website from Garage Websites 4U will display flawlessly on it. Check out some of our example garage websites to see just how great they look.

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Distinctive Websites for your Garage, Workshop or Automotive Business.

Garage Websites 4 U create stunning and memorable garage website designs for your garage business. Using the latest coding techniques your automotive website will out shine the crowd.

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Another GREAT design from Garage Websites 4U

Great Garage Websites 4 U !

Automotive & Garage Website Experts

Your Garage Website is the worlds window on your business, these days it is as important as any other tool in your toolbox. Yet, it is amazing how many garage websites there are out there that still don't tick all the boxes, they are outdated and uninspired, or just plain old dull.

A staggering 90% of households in the UK have internet access in 2018, compare that to 2008, just 10 years ago, when only 65% had access to the internet. That's a population of 59.85 million people that regularly use search engines to find what they need. Can they find you? Can they find you easily? Can they find your Garage Website?

Can you afford to be left behind?

Garage Websites 4U works with you to develop your internet presence and drive your business forward. We develop sensibly priced garage websites, that get results. Every Garage Website we develop is fully optimized for speed and is search engine friendly. Not only will your customers be able to find you, and discover what automotive services you have to offer, but Google will also love your website. If Google loves your Garage Website then it will rank highly among your direct competitors, which will drive business your way.

We specialize in Local SEO, this technique aims to put your business right in-front of those customers who bring in 80% of your business. You have a great local business, so why not shout about it to those that matter?

Local Customers, for a Local Business!

All of our Garage Websites are UNIQUE, just like our clients. Whatever your needs we are sure to be able to find a solution that fits the bill. Be it a simple 3 page Garage Website or a fully dynamic Automotive Dealers website with daily updates and modifications.

If you don't have a current garage website for your automotive business, if it is very old, or maybe it's just uninspiring, then call us to discuss how we can work with you to bring your internet presence into the 21st Century. Already have a website? No problem, we would love to discuss with you how we can help drive your business in the right direction.

"You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do" - Henry Ford

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Discover what's powering our websites and what's going on behind the scenes of a website supplied by us.

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    100% Responsive
    All websites are 100% Responsive. They will look as good on your cellphone, as they do on your desktop. This is a huge deal as more than 50% of web searches are done using a mobile device.
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    Google Microdata as Standard
    All of our websites include Google's 'Microdata' as standard. This makes it easier for search engines to find you, categorise you, and sort out relevant information. This often leads to a higher position in the search results because the micro data explicitly tells Google what it needs to know, rather than making it guess.
  • Garage Websites 4 U Devices Image
    Mobile First Design
    All of our websites are built to fully satisfy Googles 'Mobile First' policy. This ensures those who search using a cellphone or tablet have exactly the same user experience to those who use a desktop PC.
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    Error Free
    We strive hard to ensure our work is error free. It's not just the content of a website that needs to be error free, but what goes on 'under the hood' is also vital to a websites health and success.
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    Fully Optimized for SEO
    There is no point in having a website if no one can find it. Search Engine Optimization is a technique used to make sure that everything possible is done to satisfy the requirements of the search engines. If it is done correctly, results are seen in the search listings and measured by the number of visitors to the website.
  • Garage Websites 4 U Browser Image
    User Friendly UI
    A website should be easy to navigate, logical, easy to scan and easy to find the information required. It should also be accessible to those with visual and physical disabilities. Our websites are designed with this in mind to make them accessible to all.
  • Garage Websites 4 U Update Image
    Easily Updated
    All of our websites are built on a framework that allows people with no coding knowledge to easily add new content to specific areas of the website, a blog for example. If you can use MS Word, you can add your own information.
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    Individual Design
    Unlike some companies, we don't have 'off the shelf' websites. All websites from Garage Websites 4 u are individually designed to customer requirements, and unique.
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    Fast Loading
    Do you hate waiting? So do we, and so does the rest of the population. In a recent survey it was found that over 90% of internet users will abandon a website if it takes longer than 5 seconds to load. We live in an 'instant' world these days, so all our websites are fully optimized to load as quickly as possible, considering its content.
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Ted's Shed

Garage Websites 4 U Example Website 3 Image

Ted's Shed uses a fixed side menu to keep your customers focused. This example is styled in sepia tones and the main images have been 'antiqued'.


Garage Websites 4 U Example Website 4 Image

The dark and moody atmosphere this website makes is sure to be remembered. There are some nice animated touches to focus your visitors attention.

Amber Motors

Garage Websites 4 U Example Website 5 Image

A HUGE full screen image and an active 'ticker' focus your attention on this striking website. Further down there are some interesting animations for important information.

UK Motors

Garage Websites 4 U Example Website 6 Image

This simple, yet striking website provides all you need to interact with your customers. It's clean lines and large blocks show your content easily.

UK Motors 1

Garage Websites 4 U Example Website 7 Image

Bold colours, a large hero image/slider and big call to action buttons are sure to keep your customers coming back time and time again.

UK Motors 2

Garage Websites 4 U Example Website 8 Image

This example uses clean lines and big buttons, along with a simple design. It will deliver all your business has to offer.

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